Success Tips

Get a relevant education

Although interest is the foremost necessity to pursue any activity, the interest, if supported by strong educational background can help anybody to achieve, not only successful results but also quality results that would benefit the associated community. So, even if you possess an earnest passion for the digital illustration field get your basics strong so that you could build your foundation strongly with the support of this sturdy base called education.

With digital illustration, you may think only a creative imagination is adequate to attain the desired output but, that is not the case so. If you know the basics like, using the right tools or the software, what to practice first etc. most of your time gets saved in avoiding perplexing actions. This is possible only if you obtain your basic education or certification that is readily available in the world of the web these days. Check for the credibility of the provider and then signup for the suitable one to achieve your dream digital illustrator status.

  • Get the right gadgets/accessories

Your basic education will help you in identifying the required gadgets or software for your profession and all you need to do now is to obtain the most suitable ones, satisfying all your basic needs, among the plethora of options available to you. For any digital illustrator, a graphic tablet is an important gadget which anybody must procure and hence, careful considerations must be carried out while procuring one, as there are a lot many options available these days.

A graphic tablet must satisfy your size requirement, the pressure-sensitivity requirement, the price, the software or the features that support, the ability of the pen or the stylus and so on and hence, all these factors have to be given the utmost considerations before deciding on the one so that you make most and the best out of it as an able digital illustrator.

  • Get the right software

Again, from the education you obtained, you would now know what type of software is/are required for your digital illustration art and carefully choose the best offerings available in the market so that you could work with it comfortably and produce the finest output(s).  There are a number of software companies that have provided reliable and mind-blowing tools favored by the prominent digital illustrators in the industry. It’s always safe to follow these reputed ones so that when in doubt you could find plenty of help anytime and every time either from the internet world or directly from the fellow illustrators.

  • Learn the popular trends/techniques

Once you are comfortable with the various digital illustration tools and gadgets, it’s high time you learn about the current digital illustration trends prevalent in the market so that you are not lost! Of the most sought after trends or techniques, the 3D illustration technique is always favored by many due to its appealing and realistic output. Also, the vector illustration technique is still a popular concept followed by many as it offers the flexibility of resizing your finished output without affecting the quality of the image. In other words, the pixel factor does not affect the vector-based images. Thus, each technique offers a wide range of benefits and learn them to utilize when the perfect scenario arises.

  • Patience, practice, and perseverance

‘Rome was not built in a day’ – this very old saying is what many of us have to remember when trying to prove our prominence in our respective fields. Hence, when you are trying to become a successful digital illustrator, remember it cannot happen over a day, over a month or sometimes unfortunately even over a year. As like any other field, these days there is a huge competition and commendable talent(s) rising every day and hence, making your presence felt greatly in this field obviously requires some time and patience.

But, keep in mind, only being patient could never help you achieve your dream status. Your patience should be paired with the right amount of practice and perseverance as these can help to grow your interest and talent in this field noticeably, which could make you the successful digital illustrator within a decent period of time.  Also, keeping your network strong is highly important and hence collaborate with like-minded illustrators so that apart from learning you will also get to know the new opportunities surfacing in your field every new day.

With all these factors intact, you are bound to become a digital illustrator when the right time and the right opportunity arises!

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Success Tips

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